If you’re a driver under 21 and looking for a rental car, don’t settle for some rusty, unreliable dangerous old clunker.

under 21 car rentals cairns

Many people think it’s impossible to find a rental car for drivers under 21, but we’ve been doing it for eight years! If you are under 21 and looking for car hire in Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, we can get you into a car.

Under 21 Car Hire can find rental cars for younger drivers with a provisional licence, and we will get you into a late model, well maintained car… not some old junker.

*reliable, late model cars * easy to drive * automatic * roadside assistance * no security bond * no hidden charges *

Please click on one of the links to find affordable car rental in your chosen city. You may be surprised that drivers under 21 can rent a fully insured, late model vehicle… and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the price!

So if you’re an 18 year old, 19 year old, or 20 year old with a full licence or ‘green’ provisional licence, please click on one of the links below for car rental.

After countless number of calls and emails to different car rental companies I kept getting rejected, due to being a 21year old Green P Plater… Finally I came across this website… To my wonderful surprise Steve went out of his way and not only found me a suitable car, but also one that would accept me and my provisional license and make my trip happen… and at a great and affordable price too, and I will DEFINITELY be using them again for my next adventure!